Update S5+S7 for Windows ® Version 7

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S5 for Windows® provides the tools for creating, modifying, testing and documenting programs for programmable logic controllers (PLC). S5 for Windows® is designed for programming the Siemens PLC family SIMATIC S5 with STEP5. The Function Block Diagram (FBD), the Ladder Diagram (LAD) and the Statement List (STL) are used as presentations for S5. Existing S5 programs can be edited directly without im-/export. S5 for Windows® is compatible to the original Siemens programming unit. For automatic troubleshooting the S5 Doctor functions are integrated as well.
A comfortable editor to create and edit symbolic tables is integrated. Searching and replacing for any criteria as well as rewiring is possible. A syntax check is integrated. The new comfortable multiple segment editor for the creation of statement lists, function block diagrams and ladder diagrams allows the representation of complex functions too. Focus was set on the ease of use with the mouse and/or the keyboard. Cross references and/or the corresponding symbol files are shown with the correct addresses. In this window the symbol file can be edited simultaneously. The allocation of new addresses with syntax check is integrated. Statement lists are created with the comfort of integrated editor. The Windows clipboard can be used for program or configuration manipulations in any place. Statement lists can be altered into function block diagram or ladder diagrams, as far as they are displayable. The display of Function Block Diagrams and Ladder Diagrams in form of State Statement Lists is always possible.

The OsciCAM® allows to analyze motion processes through synchronisation of previously recorded videos and process signals. Recorded videos can be shown synchronously to process signals and a recorded block status of the PLC with time stamp.

With the Statusrecorder, dynamic procedures can be explored by subsequently analysis of the block status frame by frame. The Statusrecorder logs the block status and shows these with time stamp, permitting subsequent changing between the presentations STL, CSF and LAD.

New in Version 7: OsziCam®
  • Statusrecorder
  • LogView
  • Intelligent Input Assistance>
  • Online to a SIMATIC S5 via SINEC L2
  • Online to a SIMATIC S5 via H1
  • Calling of the STEP5 COM packages on
    Windows XP (32/64 Bit)
    Windows Vista (32/64 Bit)
    Windows 7 (32/64 Bit)
    Windows 8 (32/64 Bit