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  • 1 port RS232 to RS422/485 Converter
  • 485 bitrate Adaptive

The SER-485 is an adapter to convert bidirectional signals from RS232 to RS422 and RS485 in industrial environments. In RS485 mode the data direction is managed by the bitrate adaptive function of ART (Automatic Receive Transmit control). ART analyzes the data in real-time, and adapts to the setup of the RS232 port.
All options and parameters of SER-485 operation are configured by software, controlled via an easy-to-use menu structure. This menu is accessed via standard terminal programs. The SER-485 is a NO Jumper type of device.
With SER-485 often used operation modes are selected by simple DIP switches. The full versatility is controlled by the built-in software configuration menu. The behaviour of RS422 and various options of RS485 are selected by an easy-to-use menu structure.
The internal termination resistors allow to prepare the RS485 signals for connection to customers networks. These internal resistors are controlled by the configuration. There is no need to open the case for configuration.
The VScom SER-485 succeeds the Converters VScom SER-485 Lite and SER-485 PRO.


DTE/DCE selectable, optional power over special pin


Automatic Receive Transmit control (ART)
Baudrate adaption in real time

Line adjust

Built-in Termination and Polarization (BIAS) resistors

Operation Modes

RS422 with hardware handshake
RS485 by ART, RTS or DTR
RS485 Half- and Full-Duplex
Two basic modes selected by DIP switch


max. 1200 m


max. 1Mbps
max. 250kbps with ART


RS232 1x DB9 female
RS485/RS422 1 x DB9 male plus Terminal Block (5 c-clamps)

Configuration Menu

Various parameters of signal conversion are defined via an easy-to-use menu interface, access is via standard terminal programs (Hyperterminal, miniterm, ...)

Operation Modes

RS485 by RTS
RS485 by DTR
RS485 by ART (Automatic Receive Transmit control)

ART options RS485

Transmit/Receive change as quick, average, standard


RS422 (4-wire)
RS485 Full Duplex (4-wire)
RS485 Half Duplex (2-wire) with Echo
RS485 Half Duplex (2-wire) no Echo