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W-NET development licenses
W-NET development licenses allow creation and execution of any Winlog Pro application with (or without) Web Server support. These licenses differ only for the number of sampled tags; Winlog Pro web applications accept any Internet Client that supports the Java Virtual Machine SE by Sun (cross platform client); Winlog Pro web applications can be executed using a W-R runtime license or the same W-NET license used for the development. The following models of W-NET licenses allow creation of Winlog Pro applications with Web Server support:

  • W-NET/I: up to 256 sampled tags
  • W-NET/I1: up to 512 sampled tags
  • W-NET/I2: up to 1024 sampled tags
  • W-NET/M: up to 2048 sampled tags
  • W-NET/X: up to 65536 sampled tags