Development License

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W-E development licenses
W-E development licenses allow creation and execution of any Winlog Pro application. Development licenses differ only for the number of sampled tags; the same development tools, communication protocols and other Winlog Pro functions are provided by all Winlog Pro development licenses, without any limit. All development licenses include Symbol Factory 2.0, the popular library with over 4000 symbols for industrial automation such as pumps, valves, motors, tanks, PLCs, piping, ISA symbols, with features for resizing and changing colour, scheme and orientation of objects (bitmap or metafile). Applications can be executed using a W-R runtime license or the same W-E license used for the development.
The following models of W-E keys are available:

  • W-E/S: up to 64 sampled tags
  • W-E/S1: up to 128 sampled tags
  • W-E/I: up to 256 sampled tags
  • W-E/I1: up to 512 sampled tags
  • W-E/I2: up to 1024 sampled tags
  • W-E/M: up to 2048 sampled tags
  • W-E/X: up to 65536 sampled tags